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Blade MagazineNovember 2013

At this time, Calton Cutlery is a one man show. My name is Joe Calton, I have been interested in knives since I can remember and have always been obsessed with performance.

While I started making knives as a kid, I really started making good knives about 10 years ago. It wasn't until about 6-7 years ago that I became serious and built my first forge and anvil.

Since then, I've built a shop, and most of my equipment, including a 50 pound power hammer, 3 forges, computer controlled electric kiln, and several 2x72" grinders. To pursue the High Performance Endurance Knife or HEPK.

 The HEPK for me, is my absolute best knife that I am able to produce and there are few knives in the world that are able to perform at the level of performance that I demand of my HEPK knives.

 Recently, my friend and mentor Ed Fowler, recognized me as one of 13 HEPK Master Bladesmiths in the world and to him I am grateful for the help and guidance to achieve that goal!

I also enjoy making kitchen knives, regular working class knives for the budget minded, necker's, EDC's, chopper's, sword's, and even some folder's. The only classes of knives that I am not all that interested in are fighting knives and art knives.

 Welcome to Calton Cutlery! Home of Joe Calton, HEPK Master Bladesmith!


    Here at Calton Cutlery, performance is my ultimate goal! No matter which product you choose, you can be assured that you will receive the absolute best in performance for that product at that price level, because I place performance at the highest level of importance!

      At this time, I offer knives made from 52100, 5160, 440c and 1095. I use these materials from select suppliers, which I believe are the best available, to offer blades in various configurations, to produce some of the highest performing blades in the world!

      I now have a YouTube account and I am slowly adding videos that show some of my processes, testing, and use of knives!!!!!