440c kitchen knives are on the 440c stainless page

Kitchen Knives

Most of these are out of 1095 high carbon steel. So they will develop a patina over time, and may rust if not properly taken care of. They are NOT dishwasher safe.


I grind these either thin, or very thin, unless ordered otherwise. So you get the least amount of effort and hand/wrist stress during your kitchen work.


Since they are so thin, they are NOT to be used on bones or hard surfaces.

Custom Writing Pens!!!!


Check out the "Vance's Custom Pens" Page to see if Vance has a pen that might compliment your new knife, he can also make you one in wood to match it in most cases!!!

Custom Orders

I do take custom orders. If you would like to place an order, you are welcome to email me with specifics at: Caltoncutlery@yahoo.com. Right now, I am about 6-12 months out on starting orders placed today.

Available products! updated 12-16-17

At this time, I can accept either PayPal or money orders for purchases. Please contact me before sending a payment to verify that the product you want is still available.

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