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My Pattern Necker Hand Sanded

Smooth Neckers

These are a variation of the Carter Pattern neckers, the deep finger choil is gone and they feature a smooth ricasso, also the blades are a little narrower..

forged 52100 neckers

                My pattern neckers

My favorite style of knife is the hidden tang with a guard. this is my version of the perfect necker, very lightweight aluminum guards, lighter wood choices, hidden tangs. it all adds up to an incredibly lightweight, user friendly knife!!

Carter Pattern Necker Handsanded

                   nicer neckers

                                                Wherever Knives

These knives are a bit too big for my style of necker so, I decided to call them wherever knives. Throw one in a pack, purse, strap them to a shoulder strap, or in a car for a handy mail opener!!.

Custom Orders

I do take custom orders, if you would like to place an order, you are welcome to email me with specifics at: Right now, I am about 6-12 months out on starting orders placed today.

Available products! updated 11-13-17

At this time, I can accept either PayPal, or money orders for purchases. Please contact me before sending payment to verify that the product you want is still available.

Custom Writing Pens!!!!


Check out the "Vance's Custom Pens" Page to see if Vance has a pen that might compliment your new knife, he can also make you one in wood to match it in most cases!!!

                                                Carter Pattern Neckers

These patterns are from Murray Carter's book 101 Knife Designs. I made a couple just to see what they were like and fell in love with the pattern! The fingerchoil acts much like a regular guard in that it spreads any forward stress over 2 fingers and is a very secure grip. While the patterns were from Mr. Carter's book, these are my versions of the knife, so I call them "Carter Pattern Neckers" to make sure that credit for the pattern is given to Mr. Carter. first up are the ones with machine finishes, and then the nicer ones with the handsanded finishes

If you see one that you like, or would like one custom made, feel free to use the contact page to send me an email to make sure I have it before sending funds!

I take a slightly different approach to neckers. Instead of thinking of a neck knife as a "last ditch survival knife" "or a concealed weapon," I consider them a useful light utility knife. Size and weight are very important to me in a necker, so anywhere that I can shave a quarter of an ounce without sacrificing the utility I will. The weights on these are total package weights made up of the knife, sheath and neck cord. In my mind the lighter the better! If a necker is too heavy, it will become a literal "pain in the neck" and you won't have it with you when you need it. I have several personal neckers and carry them on a lot of days. When I am kayaking or on days where I am cleaning out the shop, exercising, or creek fishing.